Kuoppala & Associates Services Include

  • Site Evaluations & Planning* Research property development standards, and prepare conceptual site plans.
  • Site Plan Approvals* Prepare documentation and attend meetings for City/County Zoning Approvals and Special Exceptions.
  • Architecture – New Buildings*  Design and construction  documents, with consultants, for new buildings.
  • Architecture – Interior Remodels* Design and construction documents, with consultants as needed, for interior improvements within existing buildings.
  • Bidding*  Bid project to several contractors.  Receive, evaluate, and clarify contractor bids for client’s project cost.
  • Construction Administration*  Inspect contractor work during construction, approve pay requests, review shop drawings, and resolve questions during construction.
  • Damage Consulting*  Inspect Building damage and prepare plans for repair.
  • Accessibility Consulting*  Inspect projects for American Disabilities Act compliance and prepare plans for rehabilitation.